The Top 10 Things I Will Miss About My Time In Chile

Well…my fact checker got back with me yesterday morning…turns out I had that Journey song all mixed up….the city boy is the one from south Detroit…so I stand corrected…Journey is not some crazy band. It’s a good thing we got that cleared up as I was just getting ready to delete them from my Spotify list for being liars. Whew! That was close. I can now keep rocking out to such truthful hits as Don’t Stop Believing and Faithfully. Do you want me to sing a few lines so they can be stuck in your head ALL DAY long?? Well sorry, no time for that, I’ve got a top ten list to share.

Our days in Chile are in the single digits so here’s a list of my top 10 things we’re gonna miss.

10. Metro Santiago
Don’t want to try and find parking in downtown Santiago? Take the metro…just not between 8-10 am or 6-9pm.

9. Sunny Days
I think 98 % of the days here are sunny. Pour on the sun screen, grab a hat and get a boost of Vitamin D! (Ok so if I was writing this during summer I might not miss the sun quite as much)

8. Chilean Enthusiasm
Wether for their independence celebration around the Diez y Ocho holiday or literally the whole city cheering on their soccer team at the World Cup, Chile goes all out! They love Chile and they show it!

7. Corner Stores
I love the hundreds of corner stores that litter every block of this city. Need an egg or a coke or stick of butter just walk half a block to the corner store. Also great for Popsicles on a warm day.

6. Living At SCA
Living on the school campus has given my kids a huge yard to run in, equipment to play on, the protection of a 24 hour guard, and 2 dogs to play with (that I don’t have to care for or clean up after). And sending them to school has never been so easy!

5. Christian School
We have never been able to afford Christian school and for two years we got to send our kids to school with Bible classes and prayer filled days. Could not be more thankful!

4. Feria
Oh, the outdoor market that I love! I will miss the cheap fruits and veggies, the strangers patting my kids’ heads saying things like, “Que Lindo”, “Gringito”, and “Rubio, Mucho Rubio”, and the weekly workout of carting my buys back home.

3. The Andes Mountains
The beautiful view. Right Outside my window. Sometimes snow-covered.

2. Living in the apartments right next to friends
Besides maybe living in the dorms at college, where else can you live right next to 4 other families or singles who all work at the same place, worship the same God, and share similar struggles. It’s been a beautiful thing to knock on door #’s 1-4 and know there’s a friend there with a cup of flour, a flashlight, or just a listening ear.

1. Our Friends
I wouldn’t have believed you two years ago if you had told me we would be leaving this many good friends behind in Chile. I think these people are beautiful because even though they knew we were only here for two years they held nothing back and embraced us with open hearts. Our kids will miss them, we will miss them and…well…that’s all I can say about that because I refuse to cry right now.

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8 Responses to The Top 10 Things I Will Miss About My Time In Chile

  1. john van lester says:

    Praise the Lord for experiences and friends. they will be with you forever. Press On! new ones are coming.

  2. Valerie Arledge says:

    Love the way you put your heart into your writing! You make things so easy to picture in my head…praying for you all as you leave and transition back to Michigan.

  3. Grandma says:

    Can’t wait Katie and all the family I will be praying on the 9th for a safe flight love you all

  4. Crystal says:

    will miss you guys so much, and reme
    mber the door is always open.

  5. says:

    I thought about your family and prayed for you all weekend!
    So many of the things on your list are the things I still miss a year later! The people are definitely #1! Beautiful people with beautiful hearts, love and miss all my Chile family.

  6. David Scheffers says:

    You and your family will be missed in Chile but you are missed here in Kalamazoo,mi. Your family are a blessing wherever the Lord leads you in the future. Love your e-mails and fb. Praying for the adjustment back to the states. Carol and Dave

  7. Carolyn Crigger says:

    Well, Katie, you made me cry. I fell in love with those things also in the very short time I was there. Thank you for letting us visit and be introduced to your life in Santiago! Now we are all excited to have you back in the states!

  8. Moisés Gomes says:

    And, besides, you are bringing back a live “souvenir”!

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