The Bucket List I Never Knew I Had

So I was going to lead off with this line from Journey slightly modified

“Just a small town boy…”

But then I was like…”born and raised in South Detroit”. What!? Wait, wait wait….who exactly thinks South Detroit is a small town? Someone born in New York City? Or actual Detroit? Let me tell you I was actually raised in a small town. I spent 7 years in Massena, IA..population 350….no I didn’t forget any zeros…and after that we moved up in the world and moved to Alhambra, IL…population 673. See. A real small town girl.

So while I’ve lived in bigger places…Des Moines, IA and then later Kalamazoo, MI…Santiago, Chile is much bigger than I ever dreamed so since God often changes our dreams and plans let me share with you the items I’ve been checking off of this bucket list that I never knew I had.

1. Live at the foot of the Andes Mountains

Who wouldn’t want to? Simply gorgeous. (Photo from June last year while Grandma was here)

2. Experience a minor earthquake…or as they call them here ‘tremors”‘
This Midwestern girl had been through floods, tornados, ice storms, hail, and blizzards but never a tremor…as long as they aren’t “the big ones”… I kinda like them.

3. Live in a foreign country
I had always wanted to visit other countries but living in one was never on my list..until now. What a great experience to be the odd one, the immigrant, the foreign one. It has changed my whole perspective…for instance that option to press 2 for Spanish at home might have seemed annoying but now the option to press 2 for English is a welcome relief to my brain…so I hope we keep adding more and more language options for our foreign visitors.

4. Shop at a feria weekly….the outdoor market
I love it! Once you get the hang of it, getting all those fruits and veggies at cheap prices is fabulous.

5. Live somewhere where convenience foods are more expensive than homemade
This forced me to expand my cooking skills and try new things….such as homemade cakes instead of cake mixes and using spices instead of seasoning packets ( although I still do prefer some packaged ones to my own creations), and homemade tomato sauce.

6. Learn Spanish. .not checked off yet :)

7. Experience living in an apartment
Yep…had never done that before. Bonus points for living in an apartment with 5 kids. (Do you get bonus points on your bucket lists?). Thankful that having a huge outdoor space made this fairly easy :)

8. Climb up a volcano…making it to the top is not necessary

So there you have it :)

What’s on your bucket list? Does it need updated?

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5 Responses to The Bucket List I Never Knew I Had

  1. Londa says:

    This list is awesome! So proud of you, Katie!

  2. Carol Scheffers says:

    You never know the journey you will have. God always directs our paths. your check list is amazing. Carol S

  3. Kathy Sothman says:

    Love reading your posts!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    I think you get bonus points for all of them. I can’t say a lot of people would do what you did!

  5. Carolyn says:

    You’ve made the best of it and had some great experiences! I’m excited to have you back in the states, but really enjoyed visiting you in South America! I didn’t know that was on my bucket list. ;)

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