Everything Changes

So I thought a little video of the kids telling what they thought about moving to a foreign country (what’s that mean Mom?) would be cute.

But amid all the giggles you wouldn’t have been able to understand them :)

So here’s a transcript of our adventure instead.


So what do you think will be the hardest part of moving to Chile?

Kimi: Leaving all my toys behind especially my easy bake oven! (Cousin Cloé can you watch over it for me?)

Not seeing my friends at school for two years. (And yet she doesn’tever want to go to school…)

Kiara: Not seeing my friends at church for two years. (they’ll all be so big when we get back)

Only talking to all my family through the computer instead of being with them. (we’ll miss you all but we’re sure thankful for modern technology!)


So what do you think will be some of the best things about moving to Chile?

Kimi: Riding on an airplane….because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that. (wonder if she’ll still like the plane ride after 12+ hours?)

Having school all day in English instead of half English and half Spanish. (hmm wonder if she forgot the rest of life will be Spanish)

Being able to play outside all year long. (Now you want to come too, don’t you?)

Kiara: Getting our own suitcase….I’ve been wanting my own one ever since I was little. (since she’s now 5…)

Going to the same school that mom and dad will work at. (Yes!)

Getting letters from my cousins. (hint, hint)

I’m sure more thoughts will follow through out the next few months from these two but for now I’ll leave you with the lyrics to a song by Matt Redman that reminds us that even though things here on earth change the one thing that never changes is God’s faithfulness. (For an even better experience clickhere to listen to it.)

Great is Your Faithfulness

Now unto the King who reigns over all
And never changes or turns
Unfailing justice, unfading grace

Whose promises remain
Yes, Your promises remain

The heavens ring
The saints all sing
“Great is Your faithfulness”
From age to age
We will proclaim
“Great is Your faithfulness
How great is Your faithfulness”

Everything changes, but You stay the same

Your word and kingdom endure
We lean on the promise of all that You are
And trust forevermore
We will trust forevermore

From generation to generation
You never fail us, O God
Yesterday and today and tomorrow

Until the day You return

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