So Yesterday Was a Holiday

What?  YOU didn’t get the day off?


Well unless you live in a Catholic country you probably did not celebrate Assumption Day with a day off  school and work.  Chile is…so we did.  Which prompted a quick google search on Assumption Day.  Here’s what I learned.

Assumption Day is the day celebrated by Catholics that Mary, mother of Jesus, was bodily taken up to heaven at the end of her life.   It is a feast celebrated in honor of her heavenly birthday when she was carried to heaven by the angels.  It is believed to be a gift to her from God for living such a holy and devout life and of course being the mother of Jesus.   That is it in a nutshell.  Of course there is more…if you are interested in the full version the article on wikipedia was extremely thorough and helpful.  Click here for the full article.

What it reminded us was that we have a country full of people who believe they can live a holy enough life that they too can attain heaven.  We have a message to give that tells of the free gift of salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.  No amount of holy living will get us to heaven but the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross will.

In medical news…of course we seem to always have some of that!  Kimi is returning to see the doctor today after three full weeks of antibiotics to see if she has dispelled the lyme’s disease from her body.  She still has a swollen lymph node so we’re waiting to see what the doctor says.  Kolby got  his finger slammed in a metal toy box at the school’s concha (covered play area) and appears to have possibly broken it.  We are splinting it to his other fingers and hoping for a quick recovery!  We’re very thankful for the generous amount of time the missionaries, especially Sherry Hagerty, have spent in helping us drive to and interpret our doctor’s visits.

Kipp is accompanying the jr/senior high students on a ski trip tomorrow.  He is lamenting that his knee injury could not have happened at a worse time as instead of snow boarding in the Andes he will be sipping coco in the ski lodge.  Maybe next year….

We miss you all!  If you get a chance drop a line here or on facebook to let us know how you are doing!

(And if anything is spelled wrong…I’m sorry…spell check is set to Spanish so almost all my words are  underlined in red…and clicking on help doesn’t help since it’s all in Spanish!  Ha!)

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