Just Un Mas

So this will be a quick post…..

………..with no pictures…sorry.

I have a longer one to write later but I am too lazy tonight to download the pictures from the camera that go with it!  HA!

We are learning Spanish.  Slowly….very slowly…no rápido.

And it’s mostly words here (aquí) and there…not too many (muchos) sentences.  We usually string together a mixture of English and Spanish and hope we are understood (comprendo).

For example:

“I want un kilo of kiwi por favor.”

Some phrases we have learned while trying to drive around.

“Donde esta Vespuchio?”  (A major road in our area that we seem to always be looking for)

And of course we have picked up lots of words.

Bienvenido – welcome

Gracias – thank you

Cuatro Hijos – 4 children…..usually said with much disbelief at how many kids we have!

Los siento – I’m sorry….said often as my kids jostle people through the market

And of course a host of others.

Now I knew the kids would pick up the language quicker than we would but I didn’t understand how quickly until we were driving home from a friend’s house and Kamden (2) was in the backseat playing with a ball.  He kept throwing it on the floor and I kept handing it back until I had finally had it and I told him we were done.  He started saying something that I couldn’t quite understand.  After about three times I got it.

“just un mas”

He was saying “just one more” in his own mixture of English and Spanish!

As if the two year old language isn’t hard enough to figure out without adding in actual foreign words!  Ha!

Love it!  I’m planning on him translating for me on our next trip to the feria!

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