The Day I Got Mugged and Then Crashed an Airplane!!!

You know it is interesting the trials that God not just gives you but also the ones He lets you avoid.

Case in point: my life this week.

On Sunday on the way home from church we watched two cars crash…literally right in front of us on the interstate. The one vehicle even flipped onto its side. We narrowly missed hitting the crashed car and were the first ones on the scene. Both drivers were taken by ambulance but appeared to be fine….just looked incredibly sore! We were so thankful to have our van full of kids spared…and to have been spared the hassle of van repairs/insurance headaches so close to when we are leaving. Thank you God!

On Monday I spent some time going over our financials. Although we had raised the full amount of support needed for two years of service, a couple of months ago the home office had contacted us to let us know we were going to be short. They thought we might get paid half in June but probably at all in July. We didn’t want to ask for more money but wanted to wait and see what would happen. Last month we checked and we found money was available for all of June’s payment and maybe a few hundred for July…since we were planning on mooching off of relatives for most of July we figured we’d be fine :). So Monday when I checked I was so surprised to see that all the remaining funds had come in! God could have chosen to let us live the month of July on shortened funds and provided for us a different way but He chose to provide all the money.

And now to the eventful Tuesday. Kipp has been building two remote control airplanes for a class at school. One has been finished for a few weeks. Since he has a short day Tuesday, we decided to take the two youngest to a park to watch the plane fly and then play for awhile. I grabbed our nice DSLR camera because I wanted to take a few pics with the snow-covered Andes in the background…which turned out so cool…I think. After watching the plane and taking some pics the boys and I walked to the nearby park. While they were playing a group of teen boys walked by after getting off the bus. Three stayed behind and sat near the park. The boys played and I kept a grip on the camera as I knew not to put it down. There came a point when I needed to put Kallan’s shoes back on so I stood almost 4-year old Kamden next to me and instructed him to hold the camera…tight with two hands so it wouldn’t fall. As I bent over Kallan the teens rushed us and pushed Kamden to the ground as they yanked the camera from his hands. I didn’t know what to do so I put the baby down to chase after them while yelling for Kipp. I didn’t get far because I couldn’t leave the kids alone. I got Kipp’s attention and he ran after them. By then I was paranoid so I grabbed all the plane equipment and the boys to keep everything close and in the process we bumped the controls which caused the plane to take off….up, up, up….down, down, down….crash. And my heart sank even lower. I’d lost the camera, the cool pics, crashed the plane, and my babies were still crying. Ugh. Now this…this we were not spared from…this God chose to walk through with us instead of protecting us from it. And if I’m looking at the state of the world that’s not redeemed…I know that things could be worse…and are a lot worse for others whom God is walking through trials with.

As Christians we aren’t immune from trials…belief is not a magic potion that protects us from all the evil around us…instead it’s a promise that we will never walk through them alone…that there is a greater purpose that we can not see. The story of Job tells us that the blessings and trial both come from God just as James tells us that the trials work towards refining us. So in the words of Job…all days…Mondays AND Tuesdays….blessed be the name of The Lord.

…….in case you are wondering…Kamden is fine and will gladly tell you about the plans he has for the next time a robber comes his way…which currently involves poop and a yucky drink……me I’m still a little shook up…Kipp’s…well currently he’s looking for a new camera and some airplane parts…wish you could have seen the pictures…I’m pretty sure they were awesome :)

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  1. Carol Scheffers says:

    We have missed your family but so thankful we were able to stay connected by fb or e-mail. Jeremiah 27: 11-13 tells us the plans that He has for us. I am so glad that Kamden was not kidnapped. So sorry about the plane and the camera. God has used you all in Chile. We are praying for what the Lord has in store for your future. Love and praying as you adjust back in the States. Carol and Dave S.

    • kippnkatie says:

      Dave and Carol,
      Thank you for your prayers and your notes of encouragement. Please continue to pray for us as we make decisions about what is next.
      Kipp and Katie

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